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HMD + Notes

If you notice any problems with my characterization of Shikamaru, drop me a line!  Same goes for any suggestions.  Comments are screened, ip logging is turned off.  I like feedback.  Thanks!

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--Shikamaru is from the end of chapter 342, despite the fact that many of my icons are pre-timeskip.  Finding/making post timeskip icons is hard!
--Due to the institute's control over chakra usage, he's only able to use the sympathetic form of his family's jutsu, as described here.
--Thanks to an MU session, Shikamaru now experiences sensory overload while trying to concentrate if he believes the safety of his friends or teammates depends on his intelligence. The strength of the overload is relative to the stress of the situation and how vital he considers his input.  He hasn't figured out what triggers the effects.


Night 38:
[o] Wakes up, wanders a bit, then gets a quick lesson from Gray Fox (who, despite describing himself as 'from Earth,' is not actually a Rock-nin).

Day 39:
[o] Sakura explains a bit more, but fails at not telling him the things he doesn't want to know.
[o] Robots are weird.
[o] More Fox
[o] New roommate = Luffy

Night 39:
[o] Meets up with Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi with the intention of going to the basement.

Day 40:
[o] Sokka is from a weird alternate universe.
[o] Sora, why you gotta be so friendly all the time?
[o] Hay Fox how about we don't talk about death
[o] So Sai, pirates or ninja?
[o] Avoidance is an art form.

Night 40:
[o] Don't Leaf-nin ever get sick of talking about the miserable future?

Day 41:
[o] Um not trying to steal your girlfriend, Matt.
[o] Sokka is Doing It Wrong.
[o] Meets with Momo for mapping and info-gathering.
[o] Explains the night's plans to Naruto.
[o] Brief dinner with Luffy.

Night 41:
[o] Meets up with team to continue searching the basement, runs into trouble along the way.

Day 42:
[o] In which Superboy is rather talkative.
[o] How many times is this lecture necessary?
[o] Almost as planned.
[o] Sedated = cloud time Y/N?
[o] Sai says N.
[o] om nom with Sai and Kakashi turns into zombietime

Night 42:
[o] Doyleton continued

Day 43:
[o] Let's talk about visitors.
[o] In this place, there really is no way to avoid the dead.

Night 43:
[o] In which Shikamaru gets stuck playing counselor, and then Bad Stuff happens.

Day 44:
[o] Apparently not dead yet.
[o] Okay Sokka you can stfu now.
[o] Determined to be useful.
[o] Reporting in.

Night 44:
[o] It's only a test!

Day 45: [serious munfail]
[o] Brief words with Sakura.

Night 45:
[o] It's metal-huntin' season!

Relevant bulletin posts are stored in memories



The cipher Shikamaru set up is a clumsy variation of an autokey cipher based on the passkey konohagakure. Using it is simple but a pain in the ass quite time-consuming, based on the tabula recta he gave everyone. It's easier to crack than a properly made autokey, but it'd still take multiple messages. A character familiar with cryptography will recognize the form of cipher and probably be able to tell that it was built by someone with no formal knowledge of the subject.

The simple tool is here.

Characters with the key: Shikamaru, Sai, Kakashi, Naruto

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